Happy and Heart-Warming

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The Harvest Home Fair is Known to many as” The Biggest Little Fair in Ohio.”

At Harvest Home, located in the heart of Cheviot, you can listen to great music, enjoy tremendous food, play riveting games, and lose yourself in the company of your neighbors.

You could  see Mercy in the artwork presented at the fair. There was a total of seven ribbons awarded to Mercy Students. There was also nine students that were honorable mentions.

You could find representatives from Mercy and LaSalle selling drinks and pizza for Key Club. Key Club is a organization that is dedicated to service and making a difference in the community.

I spent Friday night with a numb hand and in the company of seniors from LaSalle  and  seniors and juniors at Mercy.

Harvest Home is supported by the Kiwanis Club of Cheviot-Westwood. They have been running it for a consecutive 155 years.

The fair kicks off with a parade on Thursday night and the fair continues till Sunday night.

On the parade route you could see Mercy’s Sapphire Girls shaking their pom-pons down Harrison Avenue. Other girls were playing in a band, marching with a cheerleading group, and even riding high in a float.

It takes some 3,000 volunteers to make the fair go round. In the parade there are two hundred units, ten high school bands, fifty floats, and over five thousand neighbors sitting on the sidewalk shoulder to shoulder.

Ann Marie Nuckols  ’18


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