Bump, Set, Spike, Seton

Mercy vs. Seton is a rivalry that is well-known throughout the Westside. Tonight, both teams will come together in Mercy’s gym for an intense match. The Bobcats have had a strong season so far, winning their past three games. Last year, on October 8th, the Bobcats defeated Seton in their own gym, so the Saints will be coming out strong tonight. Both cheering sections will be packed full. Mercy students will be in the cheering section, wearing their grade school uniforms. Results and pictures to come soon!

Within the first three games, the Varsity team definitely proved themselves. Defeating the Saints with a clean sweep, it was hard to control the cheering section. The Bobcats had to be creative with the cheers tonight. One example was the famous “Woof, woof, bow wow, Seton eat your puppy chow.” The game concluded with the fight song, and the Bobcat vs Saint rivalry will be continued Wednesday when soccer plays.

By Becca Rhein ’15


The final score of the third game


Varsity celebrating their big win one last time


Mercy’s cheering section was full of “grade school” students.


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