The Life of a Senior

HEY SENIORS HOW DO YOU FEEL?! Well our seniors have been feeling defeated lately. Anxiety, denial, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, and disappointment are just some of the things that seniors are going through right now. The college process has begun. Thankfully, our counselors and Ms. Mitchell are our partners in crime. Just one pink slip and a week away, the counselors are there to help! The seniors have a pretty hefty checklist to fulfill. It started with the dreadful ACT and SAT. Just one test, four hours, could determine your whole future, it’s no big deal. The next thing, the college essay. Sleepless nights, 650 words, and just one idea is what it adds up to. Filling out the Common App is a whole different story. From questions like “Where did your parents go to college?” to “Do you have any children?”. The common app will take up about 18 hours of your life. Letters of recommendation, applications, and transcripts are still in our future. So if you see a senior in the hall looking like the haven’t slept in days and afraid, just flash them a nice smile. This quote from a Mercy senior sums this whole post, “I don’t think a day goes by without hearing the word “common app” or “naviance.” -Shannon Ferrier ’15.

By Abby Connor ’15



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