Taco Bell “real beef” or nah?

Have you ever suggested the idea of grabbing some Taco Bell before heading to the big volleyball game verses Seton, and your friends all made a disgusting face and screamed “NO!”? Well I have. There may be several rumors going around the town that Taco Bell has been providing their loyal customers with “Grade D meat”. The hearing of this rumor made me feel flabbergasted, so that is when I decided to get to the bottom of this! According to a recent post by Taco Bell their meat ingredients contain 88% beef and 12% “signature recipe”. In my opinion, if it is Taco Tuesday who really cares what kind of meat you are consuming as long as they are tacos, right? On the bright side, Taco Bell has some outstanding alternatives for those who are opposed to eating meat containing a “signature” mysterious recipe. In my opinion, they have some pretty rockin’ nachos and their churros are off the chain. So the next time you and your friends are on your way to a huge game, swing by Taco Bell and “Live Mas”.

By Shannon Ferrier

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