Behind Your Back

When you think of Kings island you think of the many breath-taking rollercoasters, craving-ending food, and the enormous waterparks. If you go often you probably know your way around the park better than your own house, but do you know who is over your shoulder.

There are over eleven diverse mazes that you can loose your soul in. There are a variety of mazes indoor and outdoor where you can freeze in the silence or be warm with your worst fear.

If mazes are not your forte, you can ride over twenty gut-sucking rides that will turn you into your worst fear. Walking around you can find four different scare zones that bring you to the ancient times of Frankenstein and unique shows where you will find your self and your gut.

Around the park you can find various creatures that make you have nightmares for the next few months.

The tickets start at $29.99. There are various additions that you can purchase to make your experience  a little more memorable. Including The Fast Lane, Fright Lane with Skeleton Key, and Fright Feast.

By buying the Fast Lane you can ride the rides you love as soon as you arrive. You can ride as many times as your shriveled heart desires. The is the best addition for those that have no patience and love that one ride.

The Fright Lane with The Skeleton Key. It is the same idea as the Fast Lane but you can get your extra dose of scaring in a variety scare zones.

The Fear Feast allows you to eat all that you want after the rides. It also offers a free front of the line maze pass. For more information on these offers and the Fear Fest itself visit:

For the guide to the park visit the website and go under the “Plan of Terror” tab.

Ann Marie Nuckols ’18





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