Mercy Student Bucket List

By Emma Bley ’15

Dreams, fears, and many mixed feelings begin when the 7:50 a.m. bell rings on the first day of freshman year. Traveling through that year and concluding with senior year, students develop many goals including Honor Roll, National Honor Society, and even Spanish and and French Honor societies. Yet, many students also create a mental checklist of Mercy traditions and fun things to do before graduation. Goals better known as the “Mercy Student Bucket List.”

o            Have a personal experience with Sister Mary Carlos

o            Go swimming on the 4th floor pool (lifeguard must be on duty)

o            Go to at least one meeting for every club

o            Go to the zoo for the raffle

o            Go to at least one game for every sport

o            Be a leader or on the executive board of a club

o            Make it all the way to the 3rd floor from the gym building without breaking a sweat

o            Take a full drink out of the refreshing Oasis

o            Get an elevator pass for an entire year

o            Memorize Mr. Bonnici’s Mercy song

o            Have a picnic in Bobcat Grove

o            Play hide and seek in the tunnels of Mercy

o            Go to every Senior Night senior year

o            Pray and walk the entire labyrinth

o            Stand outside on the 3rd floor balcony

o            Go on a Mercy Service Trip

o            Run the Mercy Walk

o            Go to a prayer and pizza

o            Eat a Mercy cookie every day of a school year

o            Buy lunch from the cafeteria for an entire week

o            Beat the teachers in Cat attack flag football

o            Go a whole year without getting a conduct point

o            Stay an entire night at Mercy

o            Learn a different language

o            Check out a book from the library

o            Solve every single one of Mrs. Zeller’s beginning of class riddles

o            See a Mercy play

o            Sled ride down the back hill in the parking lot

o            Be on Senior Spirit Squad

o            Find out more about Janitor Keith

o            Effectively use flex time

o            Use the same backpack all 4 years

o            Slide down the railing of a staircase

o            Remember nametag for an entire week

o            Run the Mercy Mile and actually get an “A”

o            Go to every spirit dinner

o            Be a top seller for the Walk or the Raffle

o            Have a parking spot in the lower lot, one that doesn’t get flooded

o            Actually check Blackboard every night

o            Get on honor roll all 4 years, or at least one time

o            Walk into Mrs. Harvey’s office -with no name tag- and make it out alive!

o            Get a nickname from Mr. Bonnici

o            Beat Mrs. Brodbeck in badminton

o            Pull a senior prank


Perhaps not all of these goals may be achieved during the time a student has at Mercy, but now’s the time to find another Bobcat to be your Bucket List Buddy and knock them out. Day-by-day, students get closer to their high school graduation, and there is less time to achieve them. Good luck bobcats!

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