Mercy Channel Surfs at GAA

This past Saturday, October 4, was the annual Girls Athletic Association Dance.  GAA is the first dance of the school year and everyone at Mercy is allowed to come.  This year, the theme was TV Channels and each class got to vote on which channel they would dress up form.  Seniors were Disney Channel/Movies, juniors were Nickleodeon/Cartoon Network, sophomores were ESPN, and freshman were Animal Planet/Travel.  At the dance, you could see everyone from Disney Princesses to animals.  Out of each class, the GAA club moderators voted on who were best dressed.  Freshman best dressed was Avery Roedig as a Hula girl.  Sophomore best dressed was the Tennis team.  Can you guess what they were dressed as?  Tennis players.  For the junior class, Ashely Sullivan and her date David Guck as Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents.  The girls who won best dressed for the senior class were Kat Smith and Emily Massengale as Anna Coleman and Tess Coleman from Freaky Friday.  For the freshman, it was their first high school dance, promising the future for more exciting dances.  For the seniors, it was a bittersweet dance as it was our last one ever.  No matter what class you are apart of, you know that GAA was fun dance and an awesome way to kick off the school year!


Seniors Olivia Hart and Abby Connor pose as Russel and Kevin from the movie “Up!” Photo Courtesy: Abby Connor ’15


Juniors pose for a quick picture as Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda, and Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents.  Photo Courtesy: Karly Maas ’16


Freshman Lindsay Eichhold, Paighton Baker, Sara Ruberg, Shannon Meyer and Jake Kuethe are buzzin’ about GAA. Photo Courtesy: Lindsay Eichhold ’18


Seniors Katie Gibbs, Shannon Ferrier, and Brooke Leonard give the duck face before GAA. Photo Courtesy: Shannon Ferrier ’15


Freshman take a group picture before leaving to go to their first GAA. Photo Courtesy: Grace Janszen ’18


Sophomores win best dressed as Tennis players! Photo Courtesy: Caroline Steinmetz ’17


Senior Casey Tegenkamp laughs while date Max Brock tries to be Flynn Rider and rescue his Rapunzel from the tree house. Photo Courtesy: Casey Tegenkamp ’15


Casey Tegenkamp ’15



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