Flying High

By Casey Tegenkamp ’15

Photo Courtesy: Casey Tegenkamp ’15

Remember the sheriff’s helicopter flying around Mercy on Wednesday, October 8th?  Don’t worry Mercy, it was just me.  For my birthday, my parents bought me a ride in the sheriff’s helicopter.  Needless to say, I was excited.  After a little briefing, my dad and I got strapped into the helicopter.  We started our ascent and my face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.  Unlike airplanes, helicopters go straight up and it’s so awesome.  Our pilots asked us where we wanted to go and obviously, I said my house and Mercy.  As we made our way to my house, I realized how small everything is.  The hill that is my driveway looked so flat.  Cars looked liked ants and houses looked like play pieces from The Game of Life.  Seeing our school from above, I got to see how beautiful Mercy really is.  After Mercy, we made our way to downtown Cincinnati.  We saw our “little” Bengals player practicing and I saw just how messed up the highways are designed.  We saw LaSalle, my grandparents house and Visitation.  We slowly made our descent and walking was a little difficult.  However, it was an experience I will never forget.



Our beautiful school from above.


Downtown Cincinnati is truly beautiful.


Across the river is Newport on the Levee.


Our ant sized Bengals practicing.


Don’t highways look like a ton of fun to drive on?


Our friends from Northbend, LaSalle High School.


Taking a quick picture before going up in the air.

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