Stepping into Spooky style

Abby Cullen ’15 Alli Gay ’15, and Olivia Short ’17

Hey Mercy, we want you to get into the Halloween mood and vote for the best pair of spirit socks! We will be posting weekly pictures for our poll and you can come vote for your favorites. There will be prizes for the winners and an announcement will be made. If you want to get entered into the contest simply find seniors Abby Cullen and Alli Gay, or sophomore Olivia Short. Bring out those flashy socks front the bottom of your drawer and we might track you down for the weekly poll.  Stay spooky, Mercy!

Photo Curtesy: Olivia Short ’17

Option 1 "Skulls"

Option 1 “Skulls”

Option 2 "Cats and Candy corn"

Option 2 “Cats and Candy corn”

Option 2 cont'd

Option 2 cont’d

Option 3 "Dynamic Duo"

Option 3 “Dynamic Duo”

Option 4 "Pumpkin Tippy Toes"

Option 4 “Pumpkin Tippy Toes”

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