Mercy moves that thang over to LaSalle’s theatre


The official poster for “The Wedding Singer!” Poster by: Marc Nie

This October, LaSalle Drama will be performing the hit musical “The Wedding Singer.”  The show is about a wedding singer (obviously) who gets left at the altar by his fiance and still tries to sing at weddings even though his heart was ripped out of his chest.  With the help of his band mates, a waitress, and some celebrity impersonators, he gets back on his feet, sings at weddings again and even finds love.  Seven Mercy girls are involved in this production; Katie Tegenkamp ’17, Jess Coors ’16, Brittany Daughtery ’16, Jees Gabbard ’16, Kat Smith ’15, Alli Gay ’15, and myself.  Katie and Jess Coors are in the chorus, Brittany is a secretary, Kat is a bride, Alli is the Cyndi Lauper impersonator, Jess Gabbard is the Tina Turner impresonator, and I am a clerk.  This show has hilarious songs like “Move that Thang,” and “Single,” and meaningful ones like “Someday,” and “Grow Old With You.”  The show is October 24-26 and November 1&2!  Those are the two weekends before “The Wizard of Oz,” so we would love to see you all there!  Tickets are $5 at the door, but if you wanted to call ahead for great seats call 513-741-2369 or go to to order online.  “Trust me this is where the good times really start!”  -Sammy, The Wedding Singer

Casey Tegenkamp ’15

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