Jam to tunes by Teenage Kitchen!!

 By Olivia Short ’17

— Click to listen to Bears Infinity, a happy little track off ★greatest hits★ by Teenage Kitchen. —

A lot goes in to music. One little song takes lots of work: composition, recording, editing, publicity, so on and so on. Independent musicians handle all these jobs and more! A perfect example is Teenage Kitchen, a two-member band whose first album is cute and inventive. Based in Washingon, DC, Teenage Kitchen is composed of friendly duo Orson and Avery. They describe their music as “happycore”: a warm, cutesy dream pop style that combines electronic sounds with acoustics and vocals. There’s something so strikingly simple about their tunes, yet so much unexpected emotion can pop out at you.

Teenage Kitchen dropped their album, ★greatest hits★, in July. There are 8 tracks, each averaging about 2 minutes. Here’s what’s cool – fans of Teenage Kitchen can name their price for the album! This gives buyers the option to donate extra money. Click here for Teenage Kitchen’s Bandcamp!

Orson and Avery urge anyone interested in music to go for it. Seriously, just put aside your worries and go make music. TK only uses some basic software and a few instruments, and yet they’ve self-produced a whole album and more!

There’s also other Teenage Kitchen music not on the album, all of which can be heard FREE on the band’s tumblr. (This one is my favorite!) All art on the TK Tumblr is by Anatola Howard.


woo hoo !!!!


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