Reasons You Will NOT Get Ebola

By Sara Ruberg ‘18

Lately in the US we have been hearing threats of a disease called Ebola. Most people have probably heard of Ebola, but in case you have not, here are a few key facts:

  1. Ebola started in Africa and traveled to the US.
  2. The first human that was diagnosed with Ebola lived in Northern Zaire and Southern Sudan in 1976
  3. Ebola is contagious through bodily fluids and the first symptoms will appear eight to ten days after the exposure.
  4. In the US, Ebola is currently in Ohio and Texas.

If you were to live in an African country that was not as developed as America, you should be worried. In West Africa, the virus has been spreading rapidly. Although in America, we have many health precautions already being taken to cure the deadly disease. There has only been one man in America who has died from Ebola so far in the US. Also, it is VERY hard to catch and is not easily spread through the air, cough, or sneeze.

Even if you did get Ebola, in America, we have the resources to contain it. Researchers already know how the virus works and are able to stop it easily. So stop stressing about the horrific rumors and scary threats because Ebola can be stopped with common-sense hygiene!

Stay calm and stay clean!

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