Why YOU should download Spotify

By Caroline Steinmetz’17

Have you ever wanted to personalize music playlists for yourself and have access to millions of different songs for free? Well then you should download Spotify on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Not only is this app reliable and convenient, but the songs have amazing quality. Choose from the millions of songs ranging from Anaconda to Elvis Presley. The number of playlists you can make and songs you have is limitless. The share feature allows you to make playlist for friends, or follow their playlists you like. This availability helps you share and connect with others through music. Hans Christian Anderson said “Where words fail, music speaks.” This quote is very true, especially for teenagers. After a rough day or a bad breakup people turn to music. They connect to songs that relate to their past or present lives. This makes music one of the most important languages. Spotify offers all different styles of music. It includes Pop, Rock, Indie, French, German, and even more. Spotify includes a radio option where you can search and find different stations. You even have the option of listening to recommended stations from Spotify based on the songs you listen to most. Although Spotify is amazing there are some cons to it. Unless you want to pay $9.99 every month, you do occasionally have to listen to ads and you can’t listen without internet connection. However, unlike other radio applications Spotify offers you unlimited skips when you download the full version. In conclusion, Spotify is a great free music provider and the next time you find yourself wanting to listen to music but don’t know where to go, I suggest downloading it.


Photo Courtesy of “Spotify Premium Code Generator.” Spotify Premium Code Generator. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.

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