Celebrate My Drive Update

Casey Tegenkamp ’15

October 24th marked the end of the Celebrate My Drive competition.  On Wednesday the 23rd, we were fighting hard, trying to get on that leaderboard.  All day we were moving from 51st to 50th.  On the final day of the competition, students received texts and emails reminding us to vote so we can get on the leaderboard.  Despite our best efforts, Mercy did not place in the top 50 schools in the nations.  Since we did not place at all, we will not get new microwaves, out of uniform for a week, or ice cream sundaes.  This was a tragic setback from last year when we won two media competitions.  Personally, I believe that the incentives came a little too late for us to get excited about the competition.  While it was very exciting to think of The Band Perry coming to our school, once we saw that we weren’t in the top 10 after the first day, I feel like we lost our momentum.  Also, I don’t think that we tried to get help from our alumnae.  Last year, alumnae was our extra help to win.  However, I believe that if we enter another competition, I’m sure we’ll come out on top and show the world all we can do as a Mercy community!


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.38.03 PM

Keep celebrating your drive Mercy! Photo Courtesy: Casey Tegenkamp ’15

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