Alex From Target

By Amara Sydnor

I’m sure by now you heard of Alex from Target but you might not know the specific details. Who is this guy and why is he famous now? Here is some backstory on the whole thing. A random girl took a picture of a guy named Alex who works at Target. The picture soon went viral because people think Alex is good looking. Things only shot up from there. There are fake accounts and tons of memes about Alex. There is even a fan fiction. Alex only noticed he had become so popular and famous just yesterday.  He tweeted “Am I famous now” and was in awe of all his new followers. But is the Alex from Target trend getting out of hand, rumors are that Alex’s girlfriend has already received death threats. Some people are even asking if the trend is an invasion of privacy since Alex’s picture was taken without his permission. Either way Alex’s doesn’t seem to mind being famous at all and loves the attention his getting.

Here’s the picture that started it

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