America’s First Cat Cafe!

Alli Gay ’15


Would you like a cat with that pumpkin spice latte?

Cat Town Cafe is America’s first permanent cat cafe. It is a cross between a coffee shop and a cat adoption center. The cafe was opened in Oakland, California by cat-lovers Adam Myatt and Ann Dunn.

Customers can order a coffee and enjoy it while they spend time with the cats in the elaborate play area in the cafe. The cafe holds anywhere from six to twelve cats at a time. All of the cats are brought in from local shelters and are available for adoption. The goal of the Cat Town Cafe is to find forever homes for as many cats as possible.

The Cat Town Cafe is so popular that you have to make a reservation.  Right after its grand opening last week, the Cat Town Cafe already had reservations booked for its first three weeks in business!

There is another cat cafe, called KitTea, set to open soon in San Francisco. Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, San Diego, and Seattle also have cat cafes on the way!



(Images source: Patrick Kulp vis Mashable) 

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