Behind the Paper

By Sara Ruberg ’18

If you have ever seen the wonderful Mercy Etcetera passed out in the cafeteria each month you might have wondered about the work done behind the scenes. I am here to inform you on the hard-working Digital Journalism class who constructs the paper each month!

Digital Journalism is an elective, so you do not have to take. Although, the class is very interesting and I highly recommend taking this class one semester at least.

In Digital Journalism, we meet in Ms. David’s room 202. There we brainstorm ideas on what to write in the paper and the blog. Then we assign students to each idea depending on whether they are going to write for the paper or website that month.

For the next month we spend our classes beginning with world events happening currently and then walking straight to the Mac lab to begin our work. Students assigned to the paper write and revise their articles thoroughly. The blog writers compose new posts each class. The blog posts can be on anything you are passionate about.

The class sounds like very hard work, but as long as you keep up with the work it can be very fun! We collaborate on funny projects together which make for an exciting class! So if you need another class and want to be challenged and interested, try out Digital Journalism! You won’t be disappointed!

Displaying IMG_0511.JPG
Shannon Ferrier and Emily Connor collaborating on an article. Photo courtesy Sara Ruberg.
Displaying IMG_0507.JPG

Displaying IMG_0508.JPG
A class that works together, stays together. Photo courtesy Sara Ruberg.
Paighton Baker, Freshman student, hard at work on her paper article this month! Photo courtesy Sara Ruberg.

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