Digital Journalism welcomes shadow Katelyn Freese


Katelyn Freese (right), our guest blogger today, poses with Kristen, her student ambassador.

By Katelyn Freese ’19 (Shadow of Kristen Gandenberger ’15)

Today, November 4, 2014, I shadowed Mercy with Kristen Gandenberger (’15). I had a great time! I have not realized how fun and exciting Mercy was before I came here.

I am in the eighth grade at St. James school in White Oak. I love softball, soccer, and dance. I am currently dancing with the Cincinnati Ballet’s Otto M. Budig Academy. So far, I have been in eight professional shows with the Cincinnati Ballet company and an additional three in the next couple of months. I’ve been dancing for as long as I could remember. Starting at age 2, I’ve been dancing with Head to Toe, Spotlight, and currently Cincinnati Ballet.

Along with dance, I am also interested in academics. From fourth to sixth grade, I was in the Accelerated Curriculum Language Arts Program (ACLAP) in my school, I have received the Circle of Excellence Award in my school multiple times, and got third place in my school’s geography bee. I also hope to do academic activities in high school.

I had an amazing time at Mercy! Every one really accepted me and gave me an amazing experience. I really hope to become a future bobcat!

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