Mercy kicks off this year’s CRS parties

By Olivia Short ’17

This past Thursday, October 30th, Mercy met with Catholic Residential Services, a community home for disabled adults in the Cincinnati area. Mercy has a long-standing tradition of hosting parties for the CRS residents, the moderator being our very own Mr. Bonnici. The parties are evening events about bi-monthly, each one usually being for an upcoming holiday.


Katie Koch ’15 and her friend Robby show off their Halloween drawings. Photo courtesy Olivia Short ’17

There are a variety of activities to keep our guests entertained: coloring, board games, and card games. Mercy students must be flexible at these parties; sometimes our guests be nonverbal or have issues with motor skills. Typically, we get to meet several residents at each party, helping them with whatever their particular needs may warrant. Other guests might be a little more independent, but might still want to meet a Mercy student just to chat with. I find these conversations to be rewarding! Employees from CRS come along too, who have their own interesting stories and sometimes participate in games.



Anyone up for Halloween bingo?? Photo courtesy Olivia Short ’17

Don’t worry if Halloween parties aren’t your thing — we’ll have many more to come! Those in the future will be celebrations of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and even Cinco de Mayo!


Conga line! Photo courtesy Hemen Aklilu ’16

And of course, what’s a party without some dancing? Mr. Bonnici made up a funky Halloween playlist including songs like the Addams Family theme and the Monster Mash. We also did some simple follow-along dances like the YMCA and the Cha Cha Slide so that our CRS buddies could follow along with us.


Keith is a living legend. Photo courtesy Hemen Aklilu ’16

Any student interested in going to the next CRS party should talk with Mr. Bonnici or Ms. Knapke. We are now requiring permission slips for attendance, which is a change from last year’s routine.

I would urge any student who is hesitant about the parties to just try one. There’s no commitment involved; just try one out to see if it’s something you like. Upcoming events will be on the morning announcements and on the MercyWorks Blackboard organization. Keep an eye out for our next party with Catholic Residential Services!

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