Mercy’s Layup for Lauren

By Emma Bley ’15

The Mother of Mercy basketball team participated in the Layup for Lauren basketball challenge to raise awareness and money for The Cure Starts Now Foundation. Jenny Kroner Jackson, a graduate of Mercy High School and a graduate of Mount St. Joseph University, challenged the Mercy Basketball program to participate in this challenge.


The Layup for Lauren challenge is for the Mount St. Joseph University freshman basketball player who is dying cancer. Lauren Hill struggles with dizziness while playing basketball and can not use her dominate hand to dribble or shoot due to numbness. The challenge is to spin around 5 times and shoot with your non-dominate hand. This is to mimic what Lauren has to do everyday, even though this challenge is not even close to the struggles that Lauren deals with.


The Mercy Basketball program challenged their neighboring and league school the McAuley Mohawks. McAuley also participated within the challenge and passed the challenge onto other neighboring high school basketball teams.


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