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This is a list of the different cancers in the month of November. Photo Courtesy: Choose Hope

   By: Ann Marie Nuckols’18

Many people know that October is Breast cancer awareness month.

The other 11 months of the year are unknown to the majority of people. There are certain cancers that have a day and others have a month.

The year over all has 29 different cancer awareness months. The months of August and December do not have a specific cancer in them.

The month of November has five different cancers or causes that need awareness.

The first and most recognized of November is Pancreatic Cancer.

The cancer is located in the pancreas. The pancreas is located behind the stomach near the liver in the abdomen.

The normal pancreas is shaped like a fish and is about 6 inches long and less than 2 inches wide.

The pancreas has 2 different glands that do different things to benefit your body. The first part of the pancreas produces a “juice” that has enzymes that break down food so that your body can use them.

The second part, the smaller part, contains endocrine cells. The cells can more commonly be referred to as islets. These cells help to produce hormones like insulin. Insulin balances the amount of sugar that is in the blood.

To represent pancreatic cancer you wear purple.

The next cancer that is represented through the month of November is lung cancer.

Lung cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal cells in the lungs. These cells can not become healthy cells. If not controlled, they can create difficulties breathing which will eventually cause the person to die.

The cell can still be functional and starting to develop mutations and become useless. There has to be multiple mutations in the cells to become a tumor.

As the cell passes through the system it infects on to other cells and they affect others.  By the time it is over this causes the DNA cells to become different then the other DNA cells. Which leads the doctors to find the cancer.

To represent lung cancer you wear white.

The next cancer is Stomach cancer.

The cancer developed in the stomach, which is below your ribs. The stomach holds and receives the food so that you can digest it. Another name for stomach cancer is gastric cancer. 

Stomach cancer begins in the mucus-producing cells which is in the inside lining of the stomach, called adenocarcinoma.

The adenocarcinoma is the most common type of cancer in the stomach.

Stomach cancer is not common in the U.S. but is more common in Japan and China.

There is no exact cause named for stomach cancer. Doctors state that there is a strong correlation between salty, smoked, or picked foods and stomach cancer. The rates of stomach class have decreased because there is more use of refrigeration causing less bacteria to grow in the stomach.

According to the Mayo Clinic, these are the different types of cancer:

  • Cancer that begins in the glandular cells (adenocarcinoma). The glandular cells that line the inside of the stomach secrete a protective layer of mucus to shield the lining of the stomach from the acidic digestive juices. Adenocarcinoma accounts for the great majority of all stomach cancers.
  • Cancer that begins in immune system cells (lymphoma).The walls of the stomach contain a small number of immune system cells that can develop cancer. Lymphoma in the stomach is rare.
  • Cancer that begins in hormone-producing cells (carcinoid cancer). Hormone-producing cells can develop carcinoid cancer. Carcinoid cancer in the stomach is rare.
  • Cancer that begins in nervous system tissues. A gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) begins in specific nervous system cells found in your stomach. GIST is a rare form of stomach cancer.

Taken from the Mayo Clinic website:

The treatment for stomach cancer depends on the stage of your cancer and where it is located in the stomach.

To represent stomach cancer you wear light blue.

The fourth cancer is carcinoid cancer awareness.

Carcinoid cancer can occur in many places throughout the body. The tumors are slow-growing.

Carcinoid tumors, which are one subset of tumors called neuroendocrine tumors,can begin in the digestive tract like in the: stomach, appendix, small intestine, colon, rectum, or in the lungs.

Carcinoid tumors usually don’t yield synths or signs until late in the process. These tumors produce abnormal hormones that cause symptoms that cause them  look for the tumor.

Treatment for these tumors are surgery and sometimes medications.

To represent all of these tumors you would wear zebra print.

The entire month of November is caregivers month.

This month you pray for all of the caregivers of other people. This can include nurses and professional caregivers.

To represent the caregivers you wear magenta.

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