The firsts of many lasts


Casey Tegenkamp ’15

As seniors, we know that the end of our time in high school is drawing near.  We were told as freshman “Enjoy high school because it will fly by.”  We didn’t believe them at first, but now we’re seniors.  The firsts of many lasts have already begun with our last GAA, Mercy Walk and fall sports banquet.  We already realized that we have 3 quarters left of high school careers and now we have our last fall musical, Father-Daughter dance, and we have started to plan for Christmas Ball.  We even got our senior shirts and some of us voted for the first time today.  It’s all exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.  Before you know it, we’ll have prom, the raffle, senior slam, Mother-Daughter breakfast, graduation practice, baccalaureate, and then we’ll be sitting in the gym one last time for graduation.  For now, seniors are enjoying our days, trying not to think about our future and leaving Mercy.  If your an underclassmen, make sure you hang on tight to your favorite seniors because before you know it, we’ll be gone.


The front of the 2015 senior shirt.


The back of the senior shirts.

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