Every year, there is an Ohio State Thespian Conference.  At the conference, there are shows from high schools all over Ohio performing either their whole show or part of the show.  LaSalle High School’s drama department is screened every year to try to perform some of their fall show at the conference.  This fall, LaSalle put on The Wedding Singer for their fall musical and seven Mercy girls, Katie Tegenkamp ’17, Jess Coors ’16, Jess Gabbard ’16, Brittany Daugherty ’16, Alli Gay ’15, Kat Smith ’15, and myself (Casey Tegenkamp ’15) performed in the show.  After the show, everyone was excited and anxious to see how much we would perform at the conference.  On November 7th, these girls heard fantastic news.  LaSalle Drama received the opportunity to perform full length, mainstage at the conference.  This means, these seven Mercy girls, along with the rest of the cast of The Wedding Singer, will perform all of the show on a nice stage!  This is a huge accomplishment to everyone involved in LaSalle Drama and they are all so excited!  In March, LaSalle Drama will travel to the Ohio State Theatre Conference in Columbus for a weekend to perform The Wedding Singer, take apart in workshops, and see other shows.  If you see any of the Mercy girls, make sure you congratulate them!  I’m certain that it will make their day.



Jess Coors ’16, Alli Gay ’15, Kat Smith ’15 pose for a picture with me (Casey Tegenkamp ’15). Photo Courtesy: Casey Tegenkamp ’15

Casey Tegenkamp ’15

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