When People Say Your Name Wrong

My name is Amara Sydnor and my name is honestly not that hard to say. It’s 5 letters and 3 of those 5 are just the letter A. Now I don’t care if you pronounce my name a different way, people do have different ways of pronouncing things. But when you get it total wrong we have a problem. People sometimes add extra letters when they pronounce my name like it is suppose to be longer than it actually is. Sorry to disappoint but it is just 5 letters, nothing more. I heard someone call me Amanda once, she denied this later but I know what i heard. I try to brush these kinds of things off but if after 3 years you still don’t know my name please just don’t talk to me. The worst is my last name, when i heard people say it I honestly wonder if they can spell or sound out letters. It is literally pronounced the way it is spelled. SYD-NOR, yet people switch the d and the n around and pronounce the entire first part of it wrong. I know I’m not the only person this has happened to, so i ask all of you out there learn people’s names and say it correctly.

By Amara Sydnor


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