Funny Ohio Laws 101

By Karly Maas ’16

Wait a minute, that is actually illegal? That I bet is going to be your reaction after reading this post about strange laws still technically on book in our lovely state of Ohio.

Law from School House Rock

Law from School House Rock

So you know that little mouse that has been hiding in wall for months? You know the one you just can’t seem to catch. Well you might as well just quit right now! Why, well I’ll tell you why because unless you have a registered and valid hunting licence you can’t kill a mouse inside your house… well at least not in Cleveland, Ohio.

Now this next one is strange but it does count for the entire state of Ohio. So no matter how much you really want you can’t I mean you just CAN”T go fishing for whales on Sundays. However any other day all I can say is go for it!

So to fit in with the you can’t do weird things on Sundays laws, in our state’s capitol, Columbus the selling of corn flakes on Sundays is in fact illegal. Yup it is true no matter how big of a craving for corn flakes on a nice Sunday, sadly cannot be fulfilled until Monday.

One last and truly the weirdest law of them all. It is illegal in Marion, Ohio to walk backwards while eating a doughnut on city streets. Yup so if you ever think about visiting Marion, make sure you don’t make a stop a Dunkin Doughnuts while trying to break the longest time walking backwards record.

So all these laws were or are still on record in the state of Ohio. If you want to find out more weird laws feel free to visit

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