Last minute studying tips

As you get further along in your year, you might find it harder to concentrate on homework and studying. Various activities, sports, and events can keep you from studying hard. When you come home late at night after conditioning for example, sleepiness may cause you to forget about that test tomorrow. Oops! If last minute studying happens to be a trend with you, here our some tips so you can improve your grade.

  1. Turning off your phone and other electronics is a good way to make sure you stay distraction free. Also, turn off notifications for social networking apps that you may have on your iPad.
  2. Try to set a timer for a long time for studying, about thirty minutes, take a five minute break, and then continue to cram.
  3. Organize notes and other study forms into important material to least important. Make sure you cover the big ideas.
  4. Test yourself repeatedly as you go through different sections.
  5. Fall asleep at a reasonable hour to make sure your brain is well rested so you can remember the material. The later the night gets, the more likely you are to forget the material you just memorized.
  6. The next morning and right before the test, review the ideas you were unsure about and ask your friends to clarify.
  7. Say a prayer and hope for the best!

Sara Ruberg ‘18

Displaying IMG_0610.JPG
Lindsay Eichhold ’18 studying hard.
Photo courtesy Sara Ruberg ’18.

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