Predicting the Weather

Everyone has certain signs that they think lead to a harsh winter. Just this morning, I heard a couple. For example, if those black and brown caterpillars are mostly black, it will be a harsh winter. Other people refer to the Farmer’s Almanac for information.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.31.29 PM

Some people also think that if you count the number of days from the first snowfall to Christmas, that will be the number of snowfalls that winter. Using this method, there will be 38 snowfalls this winter.

Another way to predict the severity of the coming winter is finding out how much moss grew on the south side of trees that year; the more moss, the worse the winter. You can also observe how deep the squirrels bury their nuts; the deeper they are, the lower the temperatures that winter will be.

No matter what you believe, yesterday’s snowfall has told us that winter will be coming a little ahead of schedule this year. For more information on the snow day, check out Ann Marie’s article! For more information on predicting the winter weather please visit, or


Jessica Whitman ’18

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