Sex Trafficking In Cincinnati



(Christopher Hisle, 45)

Written by: Alli Gay ’15

A 45-year-old Cincinnati resident, Christopher Hisle, was arrested in April for sex trafficking. The police started investigating after a 911 call due to suspicious activity involving his residence in Avondale on Lexington Avenue.

While investigating, police found that 12 women had being held there against their will. Hisle had boarded up all of the windows and doors, except for the front door. They had tried to escape many times, but Hisle tracked them down or caught them and beat them before they got out. Hisle had held women there since at least 2012.

Hisle drove these women from Cincinnati to Louisville Red Roof Inn where he forced them to have sex for money. Hisle did not allow the women to keep the money.

On Friday, Hisle accepted a plea agreement in which he plead guilty to multiple charges, including: sex trafficking by force, fraud, coercion, enticing a person to travel in interstate commerce for purpose of prostitution, and interstate transportation for the purpose of prostitution.

Hisel is scheduled to be sentenced on February 9, 2015. He faces a mandatory prison sentence of 15 years and is required to pay restitution to the 12 women identified as victims in his human trafficking crimes.



(The house where the women were kept.)

Information Source:

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Photos Source:

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