Taylor Swift’s New Album 1989

By Caroline Steinmetz’17

From Taylor Swift’s first single Tim McGraw, released in the summer of 2006, to her 1989 album release, her music has changed. Swift started in country and ever since has been gradually moving to pop. 1989 is her first all pop album. The album debuted with Shake it Off released on August 18th, 2014. The remainder of the album was released October 27th, 2014. 1.287 million copies of 1989 were sold in the first week. The last time an album sold that many copies in the first week was in 2002. While some fans love her new album there are others that don’t. Fans don’t like Taylor’s new pop sound and wish she would write more country music, while others love her new songs. According to iTunes the most popular song on Taylor’s album is Blank Space. The album has a mix of upbeat and slow songs with the same pop theme. Whether you like Taylor Swift or not I encourage you to check out her new album and decide from yourself if her change from country to pop was a good one.  Below is a complete list of all songs on her album and a link to I-tunes where you can purchase 1989.

1989 album on iTunes include: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1989/id907242701

  1. Welcome to New York
  2. Blank Space
  3. Style
  4. Out of the Woods
  5. All you had to do was stay
  6. Shake it Off
  7. I Wish You Would
  8. Bad Blood
  9. Wildest Dreams
  10. How You Get the Girl
  11. This Love
  12. I Know Places
  13. Clean

If you buy the Deluxe version at target you get all these songs plus 3 bonus tracks called Wonderland, You Are in Love, and New Romantics. You also recieve I Know Places(Piano and Vocal), I Wish You Would (Track and Vocal), and Blank Space (Guitar and Vocal) voice memos. as well as a CD booklet designed by Taylor and 1 of 5 collectible sets of 13 exclusive photo prints.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.13.59 PM


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“1989 by Taylor Swift.” ITunes. Web. 18 Nov. 2014. <https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1989/id907242701&gt;.

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