The Snowday That Didn’t Count

images  For the past week and a half the meteorologist have been forecasting “the first big snow of the season”. For the first time they were right.

On November 16 late at night in to the 17 the Cincinnati area received, as predicted, over 5 inches of snow.Unknown-1

There were many parents confused and amazed that the snow came in mid-November. Most parents were concerned because their kids have already used one of the five precious snow days that they receive per year. Mercy and McAuley have nothing to worry about until the next snowfall.

Mercy and McAuley were already scheduled off due to a meeting for the collaborative  effort between Mercy and McAuley.  Since we were already scheduled off we did not have to utilize one of our snow days.

Most students slept in, did homework, or watched Netflix all day long. It was a day to relax and watch that show that you missed last week because you were studying for the huge vocabulary test.

This season is scheduled to be worse then last which seems like a big scare, especially for those that are driving to Mercy every day. No one wants to make up an extra day in the spring.

Thanks to Mercy’s coincidental planing we still have 5 days while other schools have 4. This will come in handy come January when we are on our last snow day watching “One Tree Hill” and “Gossip Girl” while others are doing English and Math blizzard bags.

To see more about ” The Eternal Winter” visit Jessica Whitman’s post.


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