61 uses for 61 extra sheets of paper

Casey Tegenkamp ’15 Olivia Short ’17

Imagine yourself printing out your paper for English class.  You’re excited to finally be done writing it and that you don’t notice the little slip of the finger.  Faster than you can blink, you have 61 copies of your paper.  Imagine all of the trees you just killed!  What are you going to do?  Well Mercy, I have your answer.  In our own digital journalism class, we accidentally printed off 61 pieces of paper for our sweatshirt orders.  We decided to have our own arts and craft fun so we came up with 61 things to do with 61 pieces of paper.  Here is what we came up with:

  1. Make a cootie catcher
  2. Try to forge your own Flat Francis
  3. Make your teacher a hat
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe
  5. Late Mothers Day Card
  6. Confetti
  7. Do your late homework
  8. Advertise the Mercy Etcetera
  9. Make a ship
  10. Paper Airplanes
  11. People Banners
  12. Papel Picado
  13. Earrings
  14. Snowflakes
  15. Hand Turkeys
  16. Rings
  17. Haikus
  18. College Resume
  19. Hangman
  20. Write a Newspaper
  21. Graph the Quadratic Formula
  22. Doodle while you’re pretending to solve the Quadratic Formula
  23. Make early Valentines
  24. Make snow
  25. Pretend to take notes on Educreation (AKA more doodling)
  26. Write your homework down
  27. Practice your favorite language
  28. Diagram Sentences
  29. Paint
  30. Break in your new markers
  31. Mix highlighters with your markers and see what happens
  32. Grade papers
  33. Grocery Lists
  34. Origami
  35. Make a To-Do list
  36. Write an Essay (Just kidding that’s what computers are for)
  37. Try out old pens
  38. Rip up your frustration
  39. Homemade hamster bedding
  40. Start a diary
  41. Write a list of things you’re afraid of (admitting it is the first step)
  42. Make a Ouija Board and summon Sister Mary Carlos
  43. Write down vocab words
  44. Write down your 2 lines for the play (“Help!” “Wow!”)
  45. Trace your foot
  46. Plan your outfit for school tomorrow
  47. Snowball fights!
  48. Write down the fight song
  49. Write down your passwords (Just don’t lose it)
  50. Write to your senior citizen pal
  51. Pass notes (don’t get caught)
  52. Write down your work out schedule (wait what?)
  53. MASH
  54. Doodle the name of your name with the last name of your crush
  55. Write a letter to be sent by a pigeon
  56. Write a letter, put it in a bottle and into the ocean (AKA the Ohio River)
  57. Forge your name tag
  58. Draw a rose
  59. Paper mache
  60. Plan your steps for the Budget Chalenge
  61. Brainstorm 61 things to do with 61 pieces of paper

Senior Abby Cullen tries to figure out what to do with all of this paper!


Senior Hannah Schibi does number 15 drawing a hand turkey.


Senior Alli Gay having fun doing number 8, advertising the Mercy Etcetera.


Mrs. David sporting her awesome new hat (number 8).


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