Winter fun!

Paighton Baker ’18

Winter is upon us, and we all know how hard it is to find stuff to do when there is no sun or a pool to jump in. With some research I have found some fun thing you and your friends can do, instead of asking “What do you wan to do” twenty times in an hour.

1. Have a movie marathon! Movies are fun and entertaining, and they are a good bonding source for you and your friends.

2. Take a nap. We all need a nap sometimes in a warm house with fifty blankets.

3. Make food! Everyone loves food. So try something new from pinterest, or make your favorite food!

4. Have an indoor fire side camp out. Sit by the fire and roast some marsh mellows and build a fort to sleep in! Who doesn’t like a fort?

5. Catch up on some T.V. series or episodes you missed or want to watch.

6. Work out. Why not take in carbs with making food and then burn them off, only to eat more food?

7. Read a book. I know it may sound lame or boring, if you aren’t into reading, but it is a good way to just relax.

8. Pamper yourself! Just have a mini spa day! Make a mask from pinterest, take a hot bath, have some ice cream, and slap some cucumbers on your eyes (or much on them)

9. Do some yoga. Just try it out, and then you will find out if you like it or absolutely.

10. Make good cups of hot chocolate! Hot chocolate is a necessity on a cold day.

11. Go online shopping. Start your Christmas list together.

12. Decorate the house with decorations! All homes need some Christmas cheer. Put up lights, and make some cute crafts.

13. Decorate the tree together. This is always a good bonding activity!

14. Share some old Winter and Christmas stories, to get to know each other a little more.

15. Do each others hair. Buy some dye or just practice new braids.

16. Just watch the snow fall with a warm cup of coffee.

17. Play some board games! Classic way to have fun.

18. Plan things to do together in the summer.

19. Talk about college and what you want to be when you grow up!

20. Take fun pictures and look at old ones! images-1                                                                                                                             Photo from:

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