New App is Plaguing Sophomore’s iPads

By Olivia Short ‘17

Sometimes, after a stressful day at work or school, you just need to unwind by wiping out the entire human race with your own genetically-modified virus. And sophomores at Mercy have been doing just that with a free app called Infection.

Infection is a game for iOS that presents players one simple task: create a disease that will wipe out the entire human race. The player chooses a country for their disease to start in, and then has the freedom to manipulate its genes. The player earns DNA points each time the disease spreads to a new country. The points can be buy new symptoms, transmissions, and resistances of the disease.

Transmissions determine how the disease will be carried. Players can choose transmissions through water, air, insects, cattle, and birds. Having several methods of transmission makes your disease more likely to infect a larger population.

Symptoms cost more or less points based on how deadly they are. For example, symptoms such as nausea or coughing may only cost 2 or 3 DNA points, while ones like internal hemorrhage are far more expensive.

There are two types of resistances that you can give your disease: resistance to environment and resistance to drugs. Environmental resistance means that your disease can survive in extreme temperatures, while drug resistance makes it difficult to combat your disease and slows the creation of a vaccine.

Sounds fun, right? I’m not a fan of the game, as this kind of stuff honestly scares me. But my fellow sophomores are bonkers for the game, and have been sharing their funny names for diseases.

image (2)

Other favorites include Ur Mom, chemistry class, Busken, stress, Bowling, and Beyonce. Photo courtesy Maria Busken ‘17

image (1)

 You guys think you’re so funny… Photos courtesy Steph Lohbeck ‘17 and Hannah Doll ‘17



So the question remains: what’s the best strategy for a game of Infection? Sophomores have differing approaches.

Steph Lohbeck: Make sure you infect everyone, then rack up DNA points, and then make it super lethal in one big swipe and kill them before they even start a cure

Maria Busken: Start in a big country like China, infect 85% of its population before you add a lot of symptoms and make sure every country has at least one infected person. Then, buy most of the resistances before you start to add symptoms. And then? Make as lethal as possible immediately!

Tay Sauer: Make sure it’s totally infectious and slightly lethal, so a few people die right away. Then, as soon as cure percentage goes up, buy the whole first level of resistance. Then, increase your lethality so they all die before they find a cure (*contented emoji*)

Alyssa Cassidy: Okay, so, start out in China and let it infect for awhile without any transmitters. Then get all the drug resistances at once, and only get transmitters that will affect the places you’re struggling to infect. Then, when every country is infected, you can mass lethality, and watch as the population dies in roughly a minute with no cure progress. It works every time.

I’ll leave you with this quote from sophomore Tay Sauer on why Infection is so appealing: “It’s good training for when I become Supreme Queen of the Universe and crush my enemies like bugs beneath my feet.” We can’t wait, Tay. We can’t wait.

image (3)

*ominous music*


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