Football or Christmas Ball? The Dilemma

By Kristen Gandenberger ’15

There may not be too much of a good thing, but it is definitely possible to have too many good things at once. That’s right, kids. West side seniors from North College Hill to Westwood are currently facing one of the hardest and most stereotypically adolescent problems of their young suburban lives: deciding between attending La Salle’s first ever appearance at a State final for football, or Mercy’s much anticipated favorite holiday tradition, Christmas Ball.

Mercy seniors have been dreading the possibility of the conflict of the two events ever since mid-season, where it became clear that the Lancers had the talent to go all the way this season. After the school’s win against Olentangy at the University of Dayton this past Friday, however, it was clear to us all- The State Championship game (held in OSU’s cavernous stadium) would directly overlap with both McAuley and Mercy’s Christmas formals.

Though many students are being affected by this (by either being part of the Lancer nation themselves, or even just having dance dates that would rather go to the game than rent a suit), but the girls most affected by this unfortunate double-booking are members of La Salle’s marching band and cheerleading squad.

I thought that my life was burdened with this decision until I talked to fellow classmate Kellie Leonard (’15), who cheers for Cincinnati’s favorite team. In the weeks leading up to this December dilemma, Kellie and I would discuss in math class how torn we were about the decision. Kellie is cheer captain, and didn’t want to miss out cheering at her final football game with her team (and at a great venue like OSU, no less!), but on the flipside, wanted to enjoy a night of dressing up and being a Bobcat with her Mercy friends.

On Tuesday, Kellie was made an official nominee for the annually crowned Christmas Ball Queen, just adding to her list of “too many good things.”

Kellie Leonard (middle) is officially added to Christmas Ball Court. (Photo Courtesy Ellen Daniels)

Kellie Leonard (middle) is officially added to Christmas Ball Court. (Photo Courtesy Ellen Daniels)

After a lot of thought and deliberation she finally committed to being at the dance this Friday. Go Kellie! To completely editorialize, I have a lot of respect for her sacrifice and totally without a doubt cast my vote for this amazing Lancer fan!

Though Kellie will be fufilling her courtly duties at the ball, senior band members Sara Dressman and myself will be in the stands on Friday. Brooke Leonard (’15), Kellie’s twin sister, will be there also, leading the student section in the cheers that will fuel La Salle’s victory. Don’t worry, Kellie, we’ll be extra loud for you!


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