Women on the front lines

Sara Ruberg ’18

In Kobani, Syria, women have been fighting against Isis to save their destroyed city. The once busy and beautiful city has been demolished by multiple bombings and airstrikes. The city may look abandoned, but fighters and other citizens have been trapped in the city surrounded by the extremist group Isis. The fighter group is mainly made up of women in their lower 20’s. Their leader is 22-year-old Meedya Raqqa. She says she has lost many friends on the battle field, including one recently. The injured woman moved the rest of the injured as far away as she could. After this was completed, she approached Isis carrying one bomb. She traveled as far away from the injured and her friends as she could. Eventually, the large group surrounded her. She knew what she had to do to save her friends and city and she blew herself up. Although she died, she also killed a majority of the Isis soldiers that surrounded her. The Kurds, or the fighter group for Kobani, was saddened and now dedicate themselves to finish her journey and regain their city in Syria.

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