Fun Poems

By Amara Sydnor

Here are some sarcastic poems i have written for you enjoyment.

I Don’t Have But I Do Have

I don’t have long hair but I do have money for a nice weave

I don’t have friends but I do have Netflix

I don’t have good grades but I do have connections *wink

I don’t have a nice voice but I do have a 96 because I embarrassed myself in front of the class

I don’t have life plans but I do have a whole year left to get it together

I don’t have money but I do have the skills to win free stuff

I don’t have a boyfriend but I do have Big Time Rush

I don’t have a social life but I do have cable

I don’t have rich parents but I do have a feeling I will win the lottery soon

I don’t have the energy to write a poem but I do have enough lines for this to be the end

Walk Faster

Do not

Walk slow in front

When people do that it is not

Cool man

Stop Talking

You are

so annoying

Please stop talking to me

Because I can’t take one more word

Shut up

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