What to listen to this Christmas season

By: Karly Maas ’16

Everyone listens to something different throughout the year. But have you ever noticed that whenever Christmas time comes around everyone’s playlist are practically the same. Everybody knows that its not Christmas without signing along to Santa Clause is Coming to Town or just listening to anything Michael Buble.

How about stray from the usual holiday tunes and listen to something new. I know that one of my favorite holiday jams is Justine Bieber’s Mistletoe or Idina Menzel and Michael Buble’s duet of the timeless holiday classic Baby it’s Cold Outside, which I recommend watching the adorable Great Gatsby themed music video for.

What you really should look up this holiday season in Pentatonix Christmas album That’s Christmas to Me! This fun acapella group has put their own personal style on classic holiday songs. I have listen to the whole album and love every song on it. My favorite song is #7 on their album called Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. This song is incredible because it is a classical music number but the group preformed it with just their voices and it is incredible. Here is the complete list of songs on their album available on iTunes

photo cred is from iTunes

photo cred is from iTunes

All the holiday songs you love are available for download now on iTunes. Have a nice Christmas break Mercy!

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