EXCITING All-American news knocks your shako off!

By Kristen Gandenberer ’15

As some of our many, many, web readers may remember (or any Mercy student for that matter), a few months ago I unintentionally stole everyone’s flex time because I was officially invited to San Antonio to take part in the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band. Basically, this means that over Christmas break I’m being flown out to Texas (for free!), given a really sweet hoodie, and spending a week working with some of the best/coolest high school marchers in the country to put on a half time show for the All-American Bowl.

Thomas Unger (La Salle '14 and All-American alum) poses with me in our matching USAAAMB hoodies!

Thomas Unger (La Salle ’14 and All-American alum) poses with me in our matching USAAAMB jackets!

Wow. The closer my flight gets, the more terrifying cooler everything becomes. And just when I thought I couldn’t get any luckier, I got more exciting news:

I have been invited by the All-American Bowl staff to blog about my experience while I’m there. Yup, I will be one of two main bloggers during Bowl week that uses the new app SICKSPORTS.

SICKSPORTS is a social media site that centers around communities built through teams such as athletics or even marching band. Though every All-American marcher will be encouraged to post and share on SICKSPORTS, I get to help lead the charge with this new app.

Words cannot describe how utterly excited I am for this opportunity. It may not seem like much (which is silly, this is a huge deal), but SICKSPORTS is allowing me to blend my two favorite things: digital journalism and color guard!

Want to follow the action of Bowl Week? Want to know more about All-American games and what I’ll even be doing when I disappear for a week and a half come the 28th? Want to read more of my writing as I take my social media skills to the next level? Of course you do!

Bookmark the All-American channel of SICKSPORTS here, or even better, make your own SICKSPORTS account and follow me for all the band blogging you could ever desire and probably more!

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