The Technology Struggle

Ann Marie Nuckols ’18
The teachers that have been at Mercy for a long time are adjusting to the IPads that came not but 3 years ago. The students that are coming in have no trouble.
Over all Mercy has adapted well. Changing the lesson plans, google classroom, and putting things into notability.
There are still a few teachers that struggle and need a little help. The students, in true Mercy spirit, help them get through that bell without having a mental break down.
For the students, we picked up quickly on how the IPads and apps worked. Most students already had an IPhone, or had an understanding of how one worked.
Some students did not have a phone until this year or last year. Those students are still struggling.
I borrowed my friend’s IPhone the other day, to upload a video. I knew where the cord went into the computer because I have put a flash drive in before. Finding the place where the cord went into the phone was a little more difficult.
Instead of making myself look more like a fool, I handed the device over to my friend, she put it in with ease.
Mercy is a technologically fast foward school, I have adapted. Everyone else can too, even the teachers.
I believe that you CAN teach an older dog new tricks.

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