The Interview

By Shannon Ferrier ’15141216-the-interview-0001_621cdaddb6496df291115391dd9968d7

First of all, welcome back to school Mercy. I hope you all had a great Christmas break. Over break I watched the film “The Interview”. I had heard a few of my coworkers talking about how funny the film was, so I thought I’d watch it in my free time. The movie is starring Seth Rogen playing Aaron Rappaport and James Franco playing Dave Skylark. Dave Skylark hosts a talk show called “Skylark Tonight” with his best friend Aaron as his journalist.

Aaron wanted to take their interview show to a more “serious” level. It was then brought to their attention that the North Korean leader’s favorite show was Skylark Tonight; they decided to set up an interview with him. When the rest of the country knew this, the CIA got in contact with Dave and Aaron planning a mission to kill the leader, Kim Jung Un. When I realized what this movie was actually about I was shocked that they would make a movie about this. They also portray the leader of North Korea in a horrible way. Don’t let this post fool you because this is my new favorite movie, only because of the comedy though.

After watching this film, I decided to do some research on this movie because there is no one they would allow this movie to show in theaters. I found out that the movie was supposed to premier on Christmas Day but was cancelled by Sony. It turns out that hackers began threatening to perform “9/11 styled attacks on theaters showing the movie”. The hackers were then tracked back to North Korea. After awhile they decided to release the film to smaller chain movie theaters. It is also now available on YouTube for $5.99 for a 48-hour rental.

In my opinion this movie has a terrible back-story and is extremely offensive to North Korea. It is indeed a very funny movie, but I do not think it was worth the terrorist threats and possibility of the real North Korean leader hating the U.S.

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