AND the Prep has Begun!

By Karly Maas ‘16

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well after Christmas of course, it’s time for the start of the prep season for……PROM! Prom is what EVERY girl dreams once they start high school. Prom is what EVERY girl dreams once they start high school. As you know this year Mercy is holding for the Prom at the Cincinnati Zoo in the Peacock Pavilion on March 27th. Exciting I know!

Wait March 27th? that’s so SOON! Well don’t worry Juniors and Seniors(sorry Freshman and Sophomores you have your own dance to worry about) Mercy is on it, this past Monday, January 5th the first Prom and Pre-Prom planning meeting was held.

At this meeting the Prom and Pre-Prom co-chairs were decided and are they are already full with excitement and great ideas. Here is a list of this years Prom and Pre-Prom co-chairs:

  1. Pre-prom co-chairs: Rosie Knight and Jenna Minelli
  2. Entertainment: Rachel Hoferer and Katie Quatman
  3. Slideshow: Sarah Merz and Ally Laake
  4. Pre-prom decorations: Julia Brown and Morgan Miller
  5. Pre-prom invites/Prom programs & Tickets: Aleah Mersch and Molly Grayson (Heidi Sohngen will also be working with them on the invites)
  6. Food: Hannah McKenna and Emily Fromhold
  7. Flowers: Maddie Owens and Lexie Carey
  8. Candidates: Kelsea Kinnett and Kathleen Anderson
  9. Prom co-chairs: Sam Seger and Olivia Bley
  10. Chaperones: Katie Terek and Brittany Daugherty
  11. Prom Decorations: Indigo Hudepohl and Abby Kallmeyer

As you can see all these girls are well qualified and up for the hard challenge of planning the most perfect prom you have ever seen! These girls will be meeting with Ms. Mullen and Mrs. Utah some time soon in the future to discuss more details about this quickly approaching event!

Now I know there is still A LOT of planning and work to be done to make the perfect Prom. But don’t worry Seniors, the Juniors got this! ;D

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