Baby it’s Cold Outside


By Shannon Ferrier ’15

“Baby it’s cold outside” is currently the theme song of us Cincinnatians. As I write to you this lovely blog post it is a whole woppin’ 12 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Last night while we were all asleep, it got down to -2 degrees. Luckily, the administration realized that it would be way too cold to come into school at our normal time of 7:50 with the weather, so we were on a 2-hour delay.

With the cold weather, our weathermen from our favorite news stations recommend us avoiding going outside at all costs. So I thought I would share with you my favorite activities to do when the cold locks me in my house.

  1. Make hot chocolate
  2. Build a fort out of blankets
  3. Take a nap snuggled up with your doggy
  4. Go to and play games
  5. Watch hours of Netflix (if they ask if you’re still watching in between episodes, you’re doing it right)
  6. Build a bonfire in your basement and invite some friends over to enjoy the warmth.
  7. Have a tea party with your stuffed animals
  8. Paint an exact replica of the Mona Lisa
  9. Work on your mix tape
  10. Build a rocking horse

Now I am going to be completely honest with you, I only do 3 of these things on a regular basis, but which ever 3 you want to think I do is Gucci with me.

Now in all seriousness, please keep the homeless in your prayers this winter. I know I have problems running from my heated car into my heated house. Keep a blanket in your car and if you see someone who is homeless, give him or her the blanket and do a good deed.

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