Real Life Princesses!

Casey Tegenkamp ’15

Every year, LaSalle High School’s drama department puts on a show for the little kids in the area.  Usually, it is a Disney movie so the children can sing along and meet their favorite characters after the show.  This year, they are doing something a little different.  This years show is called “If You Can Dream” and is written by Kevin Dunaway.  He wrote the show about a little girl, Marie, who wants to be a princess and her older brother, Peter who thinks that “princess dress up time” is dumb.  The show follows Marie as she meets all the Disney princesses that sing and learns that it takes a lot to be a princess, besides being pretty.  The show also follows Peter and his friends, Max and John, as they realize that playing with your little sister can still be fun and play pretend is for every age.

How is Mercy involved?  Well, Mercy has some REAL LIFE princesses here in our student body!  We have Cinderella in the class of 2015 and Aurora in the class of 2016.  Alli Gay ’15 has the honor of telling kids that a dream is a wish your heart makes as she plays Cinderella.  Brittany Daugherty ’16 will get to dance among the animals and meet her prince charming as she portrays Aurora.  We also have a magical teapot and an evil queen in the senior class.  Kat Smith ’15 not only gets to be against Snow White and the dwarves but she gets to try to get Marie and Peter to get along because she plays the Mom.  I get the chance to serve Belle and Marie dinner and try to get Belle and the Beast together since I will be Mrs. Potts.  Also in the junior class, Jessica Gabbard ’16 will clean up the dinner and try to become human again as Babette.  There is also Amy Cline ’17 and Katie Tegenkamp ’17 are in the chorus for this show and training for the Huns with Mulan, finding out that everyone has a dream with the Tangled gang, and go under the sea with Ariel and Ursula.

Not only are Cinderella and Aurora in the show but there is Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Elsa and Anna are in the fun as well!  There’s awesome songs like “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” “Be Our Guest,” “A Whole New World,” and of course “Let It Go!”  Any little kid would love to see the show, get lunch and meet their favorite characters after the show!  If you want to bring your little siblings I have attached the ticket form to this page!  The show dates are January 17th and 18th at 3pm at LaSalle High School.  Please come with us Under The Sea and Be Our Guest!

Order Form: PBJ 2014 FLIERS single flier


McAuley senior Claire Tankserly and junior Meghan Hutchins stop building a snowman to take a quick picture as Elsa and Anna.


Mercy junior Brittany Daugherty stops dancing with animals to take a quick picture as Aurora.


Mercy senior Alli Gay stops running from her prince to show off her beautiful Cinderella dress.


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