Tension from terrorists

Sara Ruberg ’18

Lately in Paris, France, tensions have been high caused by gunmen killing twelve citizens. The Islamic militants supposedly made the attack because of a cartoon in a magazine, called Charlie Hebdo, disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad.

Four of the magazine’s cartoonist, including the editor, were killed. Two police officers were also killed. The gunmen were heard screaming “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad” and “God is great” in Arabic.

Three attackers are still being hunted by the police. Many journalist have taken this as not only a terrorist attack on France, but on all journalist across the world. There has not been a deadly terrorist attack on France since 1961, so Paris is on highest alert.

Charlie Hebdo’s editor has been under police protection after receiving multiple death threats.

The attack took place during a monthly meeting for the magazine. Four others were critically wounded in the attack. The terrorist attack is causing much attention around the world and has created controversy._80112483_025307039-1

Magazine workers shot by Islamic gunmen. Photo courtesy by BBC News.

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