Study Tips For Exams

Amara Sydnor ’15

Its that time of year again. It is getting cold outside, the school dances are being planned and exams are right around the corner. The dreaded last three days of the week with eight different exam periods. The plus is a three day weekend in which wonder about that one question that you just couldn’t seem to answer. To ready yourself for these exams here are some study tips to get you through.

  1. Make Flashcards – This works really well when you have vocab words or a foreign language to study. Make flashcards and go over them with a friend. You are sure to ace your exam.
  2. Do practice problems – This works really good for math or science. Get extra practice and check your answers so you know what your doing.
  3. Group Study – Who says you can’t hang with friends and study. Get together with your best friend and go over the different subjects you have trouble on. She could help you or you could help her. You can get Starbucks after.
  4. Don’t Cram – Staying up late is not going to help you remember anything trust me. Get rest and take breaks when you study. Your sure to get a better grade.
  5. Talk to Teachers – take advantage of that tutoring period. It’s there for a reason.

Good Luck on Exams!

Enjoy this funny Picture.IMG_0269

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