MMH Theatre Department is back in full swing

After being on break for over two months, Mercys theatre department hit the audition season with full force. Auditions for The Addams Family were held last week and the cast list has finally come out, but thats not all that was announced. This years Freshman/Sophomore show will be High School Musical and the auditions for both of these shows were tackled at one time. The cast list for this show was posted along with that of The Addams Family and there has been a buzz about this popular show all week. This show is going to be a challenging one because of its popularity, it is well known by the audience which means that any mistakes will be apparent. The cast definitely has a lot of hard work ahead of them, but Ms B. describes this cast as “extremely hard working and ready to dive into the show” and she has full confidence that this show will be a success. Although the cast list has already been posted, the rehearsal process for this production will not begin until early March.

Kelly Lambers- Gabriella Montez
Makensie Neville- Sharpay Evans
Natalie St. George-Ryan Evans
Meg Waldeck -Chad Danforth
Nick Mauer- Zeke Baylor
Caroline Seitz- Ms. Darbus is the overly-dramatic musical director
Michelle Maas – Taylor McKessie is the president of the science club
Julie Baverman -Martha Cox (Brainy)
Hannah Nimmo -Tess (Brainy)
Katie Meymann-Jessica (Brainy)
Rachael Gamel – Sue (Brainy)
Amy Cline- Kelsi Nielsen (Song writer)
Emma Brueggemeyer – Ripper- Skater
Katie Hornsby–Mango- Skater
Sam Harper- Topper-Skater
Alexis Hinkle-Kelsi Nielsen- Drama Student
Natalie Rhein- Susan-Drama Student
Grace Selhorst-Cathy-Drama Student
Allison Moellinger-Cyndra –Drama Student
Tay Sauer – Coach Bolton
Mackenzie Coon -Julie Scott—PA announcer

(Rehearsals will start 2nd week in April for group B)
Sarah Braunstein
Steph Lohbeck
Grace Garbsch
Nicole Harmon
Anna Burger
Hannah Vaive
Danielle Zeller
De’Asia Crawford
Brittany Marzheuser
Katie Knebel
Ania Cosby

Cat Bowman
Sydney Hering
Caroline Steinmetz
Lauren Fladung
Taylor Perdue
Grace Metzger
Amanda Janszen
Lindsay Eichold
Mia Schlarmann
Olivia Helmers
Hollie Westerndorf

Sam Bischof
Julia Bley
Carly Buda
Claire Busken
Sirena Cunningham
Taylor Goins
Shelby Holt
Destiny Stith
Meg Mays
Ally O’Connell
Jasmine Torbeck
Kelsey Boeing

McKayla Hackman
Alexis Thompson
Lamia Dixon
Bruk Getnet
Nawhiah Green
Corinne Dirr
Rebecca Gretz
Sarah Kenkel
Hope Makumbi
Maria Schroeder
Jordan VanKirk
Courtney Doerflem
Quinn Turner
Asani Portis

Hailee Muddiman
Abby Brunsman
Hermela Derese
Morgan Lykins
Lydia Abbot
Maria Abele
Elizabeth Beckmann
Megan Hoffman
Kaylee Kuhr
Emily Metzner
Shannon Meyer
Lilly Moorman
Samantha Mueller
Andrea Reinstatler
Annie Reynolds
Miranda Bauer
Susan Brauer
Maria Busken
Sophia Dahlquist
Hannah Back
Jenna Brady
Sara Brogan
Abby Gowan-Stevenson
Kaelynne Goozey

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