Candy on the Loose

By Shannon Ferrier

The lights flashed off, on, and then off again. Mercy was left in darkness; a darkness that continues even after the power was restored. What happened to the missing candy? There were 5 bags full of candy for the magazine drive that went missing. The faculty was baffled by this and felt they must have left the candy somewhere or maybe someone had taken it. The candy had a good amount of money invested into it, so that’s why an announcement was made. Unfortunately there was never a follow up announcement regarding what truly happened to the sugary sweets. That’s when I decided to get to the bottom of it.

I went to the main office to see if they could answer some of my questions, but they suggested asking Mrs. Wagner. When Mrs. Wagner did not have the answers she suggested asking Mrs. Becker. Abby (’15) and I ran to Mrs. Becker’s office with excitement to finally find out what happened.

I personally was hoping to hear that there was an ongoing investigation, so Abby and I could be the ones to continue the investigations but sadly this was not the case. Apparently a student left a note describing that since the candy was just sitting out, the students thought it was for free. Students of several grades emptied the 5 candy bags within a matter of the three lunch periods.

I am not too sure what to say about this situation… My only advice is- do not take candy if it is wrapped up nicely in bags and sitting next to bingo cards because obviously that candy has some purpose.

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