What not to do at Freshman/Sophomore

By Lindsay Eichhold ’18

With the Freshman/Sophomore dance one week away, the time to find that ‘perfect dress’ is slowly ticking away. Along with finding a dress that is appropriate for a formal dance, it is very important that you don’t go breaking the unwritten, but inferred, do’s and don’ts of dances.

Wear a nice dress
Take a lot of pictures so you can ‘insta’ them later
Dance, no matter how stupid you may think you look
Bring a date (optional)
Slow dance with your date, if you bring one
Leave room for Jesus
Get a group together and go out to dinner before the dance (groups make everything more interesting)
Take off your shoes (even if you wear flats)
Make plans to hang out somewhere after the dance
Have Fun

Wear a dress that is so tight that you can’t dance
Wear a strapless dress unless you want to pull at it all night
Ditch your date
Not leave room for Jesus
Wear heels all night and wake up with blisters the next morning
Show up super late
Or be the first one’s to show up
Dance in a way that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see
Tear down the dance decorations. People worked hard on those
Twerk (unless you’re Shannon Ferrier)

If you follow these instructions while at Freshman/Sophomore, or at any dance, then you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time!

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