The rundown on Mercy soccer

Allison Moellinger ’18

As some people may already know, this past year the mercy soccer program struggled to win games. The season started off as a learning experience as there was only one senior returning.  With only a few returning varsity players to fill up the spots on varsity, conditioning was extra challenging in order to prepare the younger players for a season on varsity. Once the treacherous conditioning and tryouts were over, the limited number of overall players meant their would be no freshman team.

Once team rosters were announced the girls began training. The season started off slowly with a large number of new players on Varsity and JV. As the season went on the two teams faced an uphill battle playing very good teams from beginning to end of the season.

As the losses continued it became a very frustrating experience for both players and coaches.  Everyone longed to do better. Each and every player gave it their all on the field and the coaches put in enormous amounts of effort into new strategies and ideas. Despite everyone’s efforts the losses continued.

This past season was a very tough learning experience for everyone. We all had to continue on with our hard work and somehow live with the unfortunate results we kept seeing. We would have team talks with the coaches during practices and it was a time filled with absolute silence, awkward laughter, or silent sobbing. Our coaches taught us that whatever took place as long as we stuck together we could get through any rough patch, or rough season. The past season truly was a life lesson in how to deal with adversity, while staying focused and positive among our disappointments.

Yes, the Mercy community will miss Coach Rust next season. However we are glad to have Coach Diego Quispe as the new Varsity head coach. He was born in Peru and grew up in Connecticut. Coach Diego has played soccer ever since he was little however due to a knee injury was prevented from playing in college.

When the teams met with Coach Diego Quispe he was able to answer all our questions and explain to us what he was looking for in a player. He shared with us his ideas for summer conditioning and how he felt it should involve lifting, agility, running, scrimmages, and classroom time. Coach Diego also made it clear that he looking for hardworking players with good attitudes.

The Mercy Community awaits an exciting year with Diego Quispe as the new varsity head coach.

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