Mercy Practices Being on Fire in Cold Temperatures

Early morning on Friday, January 30, students began to march outside as the fire alarms sound off. Around 10:10, Mercy students walk out their designated exits in polar temperatures to practice what to do if Mercy would ever catch on fire. As it was Spirit Friday (Thank God), we all were able to dress somewhat appropriate for the weather. Most of us were wearing sweatpants, while others were not as smart and wore their skirts. Some girls went the extra mile and brought blankets along with their hats and gloves. As over 400 mercy students and staff waddle down Epworth to the student parking lot, we gathered into our homerooms. Speaking for the senior class, we were freezing our bobcat tails off and not in good moods. Not much time passed before we were huddling with the homeroom closest to us. We sat in the Tundra for what seemed like an eternity, until we heard the signal to start walking inside. We finally walked in a fast pace up the hill to the front door, and our bodies were aided with heat from our ancient heaters. We went from 0° to 100° real quick.

Kaylee Merschbach

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